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Do Something Unexpected

Discover the significance of the unicycle

unicycle-bigPeople who don’t know about life for the Carter’s in 2008 wonder about how a unicycle could have anything to do with an aesthetic medical practice. There really is no way to connect these dots logically without some background.

A story of a unique talent

Two weeks and one day respectively before his earthly death, my youngest son Connor drew the daytime and then the nighttime pictures of his unicycle on my and his mother’s iPhones with a drawing app. Connor was a remarkable and very positive influence on his parents and all who knew him. He was often described as an “old soul” who just automatically understood the importance of being kind to everyone he knew.

Finding His Passion

He was also quirky. Somehow he developed a fascination with unicycles. He studied you tube videos of stunt unicycle riders. With great apprehension, his mother and I bought him his first unicycle for Christmas. We all tried it. Each of our efforts, Connor’s included, resulted in disaster with every attempt. It required maximal assistance of two strong adults to enable him to go a few short feet before the unicycle would get away from him and fly out from under and down the driveway without it’s rider.

Within two weeks, he was dribbling a basketball, texting on his old-style flip cell phone, and going down rock strewn sloping lawns, all while riding his unicycle!

It is this spirit of unique adventure, this individual personal trait of doing one’s own thing that we celebrate here at Medical Cosmetics when we portray a replica of Connor’s own unicycle drawing and connect it to our creative work with the slogan “Do Something Unexpected.” We want each and every one of you to appreciate being unique and special. We encourage you to take a calculated plunge and do something unexpected to achieve an aesthetic that you both appreciate and enjoy. We invite you to participate actively in this process at each decision point.

– Dr. William A. Carter, on behalf of the Medical Cosmetics team

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