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I Want to Come Back into the Office, but I Need to be Safe!

Medical Cosmetics Office
The global pandemic from COVID-19 will be with us for a very long time. Not weeks or months, but years. After there are effective vaccines and when there is widespread vaccine usage, then life as we know it will again become “normal.” We will not have vaccines until next winter or spring at the earliest. Until that time how can we safely pursue looking and feeling our best? By staying alive and healthy until the office can reopen, that’s how! I’m serious. This is a very big deal. Practice physical distancing.

Whenever possible sanitize your hands. Do everything you can to limit touching your face. And to protect others, wear a covering over your face whenever you will be in the vicinity of other people. Then as you go through the following weeks and months, try to maintain your sanity. Stay in touch virtually with others through phone calls, video chats, texts, and e-mails. Establish routines. Eat well. Exercise. Read. Meditate. Get plenty of sleep. Take a course online. Many of these are free. And you know what? There has probably never been a better time to do Spring cleaning and tackle neglected household projects. I’m in the midst of changing a kitchen garbage disposal for example. (Yeech!)

Here at Medical Cosmetics we will not reopen until we get the green light from reliable authoritative sources. For us that will mean several things. We will follow expert medical infectious disease guidelines. We will follow governmental regulations. And we will take over-the-top extra measures to assure both you and our safety.

What will those extra measures look like? We will allow more time for each patient visit. This will mean that there will be a low risk of you being in the office with any other patients. This extra buffer time will enable us to disinfect the office between each patient. We may even possibly have to expand office hours and/or increase weekend availability.

We will ask that you not come to the office if you have any symptoms of illness. If your visit has to do with anything involving your face, please do not wear make-up, and arrive wearing a mask or cloth over your mouth and nose. We will screen your forehead temperature when you first arrive. There will be disinfectant supplies for each patient’s hands right at the entrance door. If we can obtain adequate supplies, gloves will be provided to you upon arrival. These can be worn during your time with us for your additional safety. Likewise, we will not allow any symptomatic or feverish staff to work. Any potential iffy situations will be discussed with the very fastidious physician on staff. Me. And all ties are ruled in the patient’s favor.

Furthermore, when you enter the treatment room to have your visit with Vicki or me, you will watch us first disinfect ourselves before we have any interaction with you.

None of us knows exactly when this horrific catastrophe will begin to lessen, let alone become more controllable. When all of the stars appropriately line up, we will again enthusiastically open our doors and take care of most of your aesthetic needs. Please know that at no time will we take risks with our patients’ health, safety, or wellbeing.
Thank you so much for your understanding.

Sincerely and respectfully,

William Carter, M.D.
For the entire Medical Cosmetics staff