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How 3-D Tattooing Can Complete a Breast Reconstruction

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Breasts are a major part of what makes a woman a woman and after an individual goes through a mastectomy, her entire mindset can change. Some women are fine with a minimal chest while others feel reconstructed breast mounds are necessary. However, one thing that can make reconstructed breasts feel more realistic is nipples.

When you add a tattooed nipple to a reconstructed breast, it can give the breast a “normal” look and make a woman feel more comfortable in her new skin. And with today’s advanced 3-D tattooing, our Lancaster aesthetician Michelle can create beautiful, realistic nipples for a wide variety of mastectomy patients.

In an article by U.S. News, Marisa C. Weiss, founder of, says, “Adding a nipple to a reconstructed breast can have an immediate and profound visual effect, helping the breast look more normal again. New nipples can also draw attention away from the scars, lopsidedness, indentations and other imperfections of surgery.”

More on 3-D Tattooing

During a mastectomy, doctors can reconstruct nipples from breast skin around the area and create small tissue mounds that resemble the shape of nipples. After the area heals completely, the small mounds can be shaded to look like realistic nipples. Another option for women is to forgo the tissue mounds and simply tattoo nipples right onto the reconstructed breasts.

Aesthetic tattooing can be done using different techniques – while some aestheticians use a process called dermabrasion, this technique doesn’t give you the same depth of color that 3-D tattooing does. At Medical Cosmetics, we believe 3-D tattooing is the best way to create beautiful, realistic nipples. In addition, tattooing provides a fast, easy solution for those who desire nipples without having to go through surgery or downtime.

About Michelle

Tattooing is an art, and at Medical Cosmetics, our head aesthetician Michelle is certified by the Sauler Institute of Tattooing – a nationally recognized institute for training in areola and 3-D nipple micropigmentation. Michelle has a complete assortment of hypo-allergenic areola pigment colors to naturally compliment your skin tone, and when it comes to scar camouflage or unilateral areola recreation, she can perform a spot color test beforehand to see how your body reacts to specific nipple colors.

Once you figure out which pigmentation is right for you, Michelle will create¬†beautiful areola shapes with symmetrical results and realistic shading. She’ll make sure your tattooing is exactly what you expected and that you’re happy with your results, whether you’re tattooing on top of reconstructed nipples or directly onto your reconstructed breasts.

At Medical Cosmetics, we know 3-D tattooing isn’t for everyone, so let us help you decide if it’s right for you. Schedule your consultation with Michelle today and talk to her about your options.

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