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What You Should Know About a Botox Lip Flip

Botox Lip Flip

Nothing is more attractive than full lips. In fact, many of the clients who come to Medical Cosmetics request dermal fillers to enhance the appearance of their lips. During their consultation, we discover many of our clients do not need or want the more dramatic results achieved by fillers. The majority of people we see want a subtle enhancement, and often dermal fillers are not the best option, but a Botox lip flip may be.

If you are nervous about fillers or want only a subtle lip enhancement, consider contacting Medical Cosmetics today to schedule a Botox lip flip. We’ve had many requests for this service and are proud to offer it. Our specialists are fully trained on the procedure and love the way it makes people look and feel. Read on to learn more about this lip enhancement treatment!

What is a Botox Lip Flip?

Using a special technique, we inject Botox into the muscles around the upper lip. This makes the upper lip relax and roll upward for a natural-looking and subtle lip enhancement. The treatment only takes a few strategically placed injections to achieve this effect.

How Does It Work?

Above your upper lip is a muscle called the orbicularis oris. We inject Botox into this muscle, and it relaxes temporarily. This makes the upper lip roll up a bit, and the lip appears more defined and fuller. Another fabulous thing about the Botox lip flip is it temporarily smooths pesky vertical lines over the upper lip. It takes up to a week for the treatment to take full effect and the results last for three to four months.

Upper Lip Flip with Botox Before and After

Botox Lip Flip or Lip Fillers?

Both procedures are popular at Medical Cosmetics. A lip flip is not a substitute for lip fillers. It has a different outcome than fillers, and when you come in for your consultation, we can help you decide which treatment is best for you. We take into consideration your unique anatomy, and the outcome you would like to see. A Botox lip flip would be right for you if:

  • You want a subtle change to your upper lip, with more of a pout
  • You want more definition to your lips, but not more volume
  • You only want a temporary enhancement that lasts three to four months
  • Your upper lip disappears when you smile

Lip fillers last longer and add more volume to the lips. Here are a few reasons why lip fillers would work be a better choice for you:

  • You want more volume in your upper and lower lips
  • You have prominent vertical lip lines
  • You want to enhance the shape of your lips
  • You are looking for long-lasting results of between six to twelve months

Every client has unique needs. Sometimes we do a combination of Botox and lip fillers to get the desired results. Patients with very thin lips have exceptional results using this combination.

Schedule an appointment today to learn whether a Botox lip flip or lip fillers are right for you. During your consultation, we will make sure you are a suitable candidate for either treatment and soon you will have the lips you’ve always wanted.