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8 Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

Lancaster aesthetic professionals

Well, the new year is officially here and with it, a brand new start. If you haven’t already made your resolutions, our Lancaster aesthetic professionals have a few suggestions for ways to keep your skin healthy and beautiful:

I Will Take off My Makeup

We know it can be tempting to simply throw on your pajamas and fall asleep after a long night, but do yourself a favor and take off your makeup (no matter how tired you are). When you sleep in your makeup, your pores can become clogged and in turn, begin to break out.

I Will Stay Hydrated

While you may not associate drinking water with skincare, it’s actually an important element. By staying hydrated, you’ll promote plumpness and avoid unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, your skin will naturally look more healthy and radiant.

I Will Wear More Sunscreen

In order to prevent sun damaged skin later in life, it’s important to start early. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen every day (yes, even in the colder months). You’ll keep dangerous UVA and UVB rays away and as a bonus, some of the best face lotions already come with SPF (like ones by EltaMD), so building it into your routine is easy.

I Will Touch My Face Less

We know it can be hard to resist touching your face – especially if you have a blemish. But do yourself a favor and don’t touch. Your hands are constantly harboring dirt and germs and by touching your face, you’re transferring that dirt and germs. This can make your situation worse and even lead to more blemishes.

I Will Treat Myself to an Aesthetic Treatment

There’s going to be at least one time this year where you’ll feel stressed and unfortunately, the situation will probably show on your skin. So do yourself a favor and vow to treat yourself to a little something special. Whether it’s Botox, microdermabrasion, a photo facial, or even just a chemical peel, you’ll feel better and look better.

I Will Moisturize More

If moisturization isn’t already part of your skincare routine, be sure to make it one. After you clean your face, follow up with a rich moisturizer to replenish vitamins and rejuvenators. Your skin will look more radiant and hydrated each time you use it.

I Will Sleep

Like water, you probably don’t think of sleep as a key to skincare health, however, getting enough rest can make a big difference. Sleep can reduce stress, rejuvenate skin cells, and overall make you look and feel better. With enough sleep, you can say goodbye to those dark circles, baggy eyes, puffy skin, and more.

I Will Get Rid of Old Products

Whether it’s a tube of lipstick, a bottle of face lotion, or your favorite foundation, skincare and makeup products have expiration dates. To avoid causing irritation, rashes, or breakouts, get rid of old products when they reach a certain age. In this blog, When to Get Rid of Skin Care and Makeup Products, we explain when that age is.