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Permanent Laser Hair Removal is Both Safe and Effective

Laser Hair Removal
Excessive body and facial hair are a source of embarrassment for both men and women. To deal with the problem people often resort to painful waxing procedures or spend precious time shaving or using smelly depilatory creams. Now there is a way to deal with this problem that will both save you time and money over the long run. It’s called laser hair removal, and it’s both safe and effective.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The state-of-the-art process is quick, easy to perform and has no downtime. The professionals at Medical Cosmetics simply direct a laser beam at the area of the skin we are treating. When this happens, the intense light passes through the skin and the heat generated damages the hair follicle, preventing new hair from growing again. Hair removal lasers work best on hairs at the beginning of the anagen phase, which is the stage when hair is actively growing. Because hair grows at different rates, a series of treatments is required spaced out every four to six weeks.

The Benefits

  • Razors and waxing are a financial drain, while laser hair removal treatments save our clients a lot of money over the long run.
  • Though the primary reason for this treatment is to permanently remove hair, it’s also an excellent treatment for the skin. The laser beam heats up the dermal layer of the skin which creates more collagen. It also smooths the texture of the skin, and can improve the appearance of pores and sun damage.
  • For people plagued by ingrown hairs, this treatment is a game changer. Instead of constantly treating embarrassing red bumps with antibiotic ointments, remove the problem altogether with our high-tech laser.
  • Possibly the greatest benefit for our clients is the amount of time saved. Imagine a daily routine that doesn’t involve the time-consuming process of shaving. This treatment can make that happen for you.

Our lasers can be used on any skin tone or type, and can treat the bikini area, backs, legs, arms and facial hair. Contact Medical Cosmetics today to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.