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Absorbable Solid Filler PDO Threads

VSoft Rejuvenation and Lifting Threads

A Brief History About Dr. Carter and PDO Threads

Around 2005 there was a great deal of interest and activity in the endeavor of placing non-absorbable thick notched polypropylene threads (or PDO threads) under facial or neck skin to provide lift and support. After this movement was well established (2-3 years), I became involved and was trained by several prominent plastic surgeons from the northeast. It was a scary technique. I performed three cases. Outcomes showed modest improvement at best.

I became disenchanted and abandoned the treatment. About six months after I gave up the procedure, the rest of the aesthetic world stopped utilizing the method as well and the technique disappeared.

About 14 years later the second iteration of face and neck threads came along. This was absorbable threads. I was initially and understandably gun shy and skeptical about how this newer version of an earlier bad treatment would perform. Now, after again observing how the aesthetic world would react to this newer version of an old idea, I am an enthusiastic proponent of utilizing absorbable solid filler PDO threads. There are several manufacturers of these versatile marvels. Here at Medical Cosmetics we have adopted VSoft PDO (polydioxanone) absorbable solid threads.

VSoft Rejuvenation and Lifting Threads

We love VSoft threads! These absorbable PDO threads can be placed in many different locations for collagen stimulating rejuvenation and/or lifting of skin which would be enhanced by either more volume or more support. The treatment is an office procedure and is performed in a manner that involves minimal discomfort. These threads are FDA cleared and completely biodegradable and biocompatible. The smooth narrower threads are placed into the skin to stimulate collagen production and create volume. They can be used almost anywhere around the face, neck, and body. They can be thought of as an adjunct or substitute for Sculptra. The thicker lifting threads can be thought of as a softer, kinder, out-patient, less-effective, much less expensive, and much safer approximation of a face or neck lift. Benefits last about one and a half to two years. After the threads are fully absorbed, thicker, healthier, and better supported skin results. More rejuvenating or lifting threads can be placed at any time in the future.

I invite you to check out the complete website information at for the many uses and specifics involving this exciting and adaptable technique. Spoiler alert, the use of these absorbable PDO threads is not scary or ineffective like my initial foray into the permanent non-absorbable threads from many years ago. These absorbable threads are truly winners!

Dr. Carter

William A. Carter, M.D.