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My miraDry Treatment Review

My miraDry Treatment

A Hyperhidrosis Treatment Overview From a Medical Cosmetics Patient

Before my miraDry treatment, I was one of those people constantly plagued by sweaty pits. The rest of my body could be freezing, but my underarms would still be damp. I carried deodorant around with me for reapplication throughout the day. I’m embarrassed to say that I was also concerned about odor. Finally, I had enough! I talked with Dr. Carter about a miraDry treatment, which is a permanent non-surgical treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) with immediate results. Dr. Carter has performed over 400 miraDry treatments at Medical Cosmetics, a Medical Spa in Lancaster, PA.

miraDry Treatment Prep

I scheduled my appointment at Medical Cosmetics which was easy as the staff was incredibly friendly. I was advised to stop shaving three days before the procedure. This would allow Dr. Carter to identify the areas to be treated.

miraDry Treatment Day

As recommended, I took two ibuprofen before going into the Medical Cosmetics office. I was told not to wear deodorant on the day of my miraDry treatment. I have to admit that this made me nervous since I hadn’t gone without it since before puberty. I dressed comfortably in a tank top. Dr. Carter thoroughly cleaned both underarms with Hibiclens and alcohol. He applied a template to my underarms that reminded me of temporary rub-on tattoos from my childhood.

miraDry Hyperhidrosis TreatmentNext came the lidocaine injections to numb the areas. I’m not going to lie – it hurt like the dickens. I don’t want to scare you off by talking about the multi-needled device used to administer the lidocaine over a series of 15 injections per arm. So don’t picture some sort of torture device from a horror movie. The good news is that the first injection is the worst, and subsequent ones got easier.

Once my underarms were numb, Dr. Carter started the miraDry treatment. In layman’s terms, he just moved the applicator across the grid created by the template. It took about 30 minutes per arm.

Post miraDry Treatment

Immediately after miraDry treatment, I was still numb. As the lidocaine wore off, I did feel soreness that lasted a few days. It really wasn’t that bad. Dr. Carter gave me post procedure instructions which included icing, taking OTC anti-inflammatories, and applying antibiotic ointment. I would’ve been able to return to work if it weren’t a Saturday. He also told me not to exercise for a few days, which wasn’t an issue since I’ve been a sloth lately. I also couldn’t shave or wear deodorant for three days. And guess what? It didn’t matter because I was sweat and odor free!

I couldn’t believe the results! I was so excited that I asked my fiancé and best friend to smell my underarms. Surprisingly they both said, “no thank you.” Regardless, I couldn’t be happier with my miraDry treatment and would highly recommend both Dr. Carter and Medical Cosmetics!