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When Too Much Sweating Affects Your Lifestyle

MiraDRY is the perfect solution

Do you chronically wear dark clothing to avoid embarrassing underarm rings—even in cooler weather?  Do you find yourself drenched and smelling of sweat after a walk or any physical activity? Does sweating too much affect your lifestyle? If any of these things are true, you may be ready for miraDry.

For the 3 percent of the population who have excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, there were few non-surgical options before 2011. Your doctor may have prescribed a prescription strength deodorant or suggested twice-a-year botox injections to block neuro-chemical signals that cause sweating. But with the FDA approval of miraDry in 2011, both men and women who sweat too much have a non-invasive, permanent solution, usually after just one session.

The miraDry process uses microwave energy to destroy 22,000-30,000 underarm sweat glands, or about three percent of the body’s total sweat glands.  This leaves enough sweat glands in other parts of the body for cooling by evaporation of sweat.  An early industry-sponsored study of 120 participants who received two miraDry sessions noted a major reduction in odor and volume of sweat. Participants were about 82 percent drier.  In the last four years, the miraDry process has been refined, so that most individuals find more than enough improvement after only one session.

The procedure begins with the practitioner marking the area to be treated.  The physician or provider then  injects both armpits with 20 to 40 quick injections of lidocaine each to numb the region of underarm sweating.  With a vacuum-like hand piece (the Biotip), the practitioner treats small areas of skin in a pre-identified and marked grid pattern. Because of the use of the lidocaine, the miraDry treatment itself is totally painless.

The procedure takes between one and two hours start to finish.  After the procedure, individuals can  experience slight swelling and soreness.  Some people temporarily develop several small firm areas and/or some transient numbness.  These symptoms are normal and resolve within a few weeks. The use of icepacks and anti inflammatory medications like ibuprofen or naproxen can help. Most people feel better after two days and find that most swelling totally resolves after two weeks.  We always recommend that vigorous upper body exercise be limited for the first three days after treatment.

Despite some initial discomfort, patients are delighted with the results.  Wearing white and light colored shirts or tops becomes possible when you don’t have to worry about ugly sweat rings that used to stain light colored articles of clothing. Women are especially pleased to find they hardly need to shave any more since underarm hair is decreased as a result of their miraDry treatment.  Furthermore, vigorous exercise becomes a joy when you don’t dissolve into a puddle of sweat with increased activity.  For many grateful former patients, a miraDry procedure has been truly life changing.

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