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The Best Parts of the Body for a SculpSure Treatment

SculpSure Treatment

SculpSure treatments from our team at Medical Cosmetics can address the demand for an effective, pain-free fat freezing treatment that doesn’t require a lengthy medical procedure. SculpSure is equal parts effective and convenient for our clients. One of the biggest advantages of SculpSure is how many areas of the body you can target. This is entirely based on your body type and preference.

SculpSure Treatments Target Your Problem Areas

One of the biggest benefits of a SculpSure treatment is how quick each session is. Light-based technology targets stubborn fat cells by using a non-invasive procedure that can be completed within 25 minutes. These treatments are short in order to fit into your busy schedule and to give you control over the results. Traditional fat sculpting treatments can take hours, and many are surgical procedures. A surgical procedure is risky and can require much more downtime to recover from.

Our specialists at Medical Cosmetics can go over the details of the treatment with you so you feel comfortable with our virtually painless procedure. We want you to feel calm and confident throughout the entire process.

Deciding Which Area You Should Target

Aside from taking less time than typical fat loss treatments, SculpSure treatments are entirely customizable to your body. SculpSure can be used on different areas that you want to tighten or slim down.

Some of the more common areas include:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Arms
  • Back and lower back area
  • Hips, targeting the “love handle” area
  • Chin and lower jawline

Figuring out which areas to treat boils down to which areas would make you the happiest to see progress and change. By targeting the common areas listed above, you can focus on larger surface areas for immediate results and then smaller, specific spots as touch ups.

Another way to choose where to use SculpSure Treatments is to focus on areas that seem to be minimally affected by diet and exercise. It can be extremely frustrating to put in hours at the gym and to eat a strict diet with little reward. By switching it up to include SculpSure into your fat loss plan, seeing results will be much more satisfying.

Here at Medical Cosmetics, we’re happy to help you decide which area of your body a SculpSure treatment might be most effective. Contact Medical Cosmetics today and make an appointment to speak with a specialist about how to take control of your fat loss results.