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Introducing a New Jan Marini Product That Targets Cellulite

As we get older, many of us start to develop more cellulite (those dimpled, lumpy areas usually near the buttocks and thighs). In fact, up to 90% of women will experience cellulite at some point in their lives, and its uneven appearance can make many uncomfortable with the way they look.

Luckily, advanced skincare line Jan Marini has introduced a brand new product designed to target and reduce cellulite. Jan Marini’s CelluliTx is a topical cream that features 11 scientifically-backed ingredients to help minimize the appearance of dimples due to cellulite.

In addition, it offers other key benefits:

  • helps reduce inflammation and enhance the fiber architecture of the skin
  • helps stimulate fat cell degradation (lipolysis) while reducing accumulation of new fat cells in the skin
  • helps increase circulation and decrease water retention
  • helps stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis
  • helps enhance lipolysis and inhibit lipid synthesis (fat mobilization)
  • helps improve overall firmness and elasticity

This revolutionary new treatment has been called one of the best cellulite treatments by Joel Schlessinger, M.D. in Women’s Health Magazine. With the help of retinol to promote collagen growth, aminophylline to tighten the skin, and caffeine to dehydrate fat cells, CelluliTx is a great option for those who want to look their best this summer.

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CelluliTx & Medical Cosmetics

Another great thing about CelluliTx is the fact that it can be used alone or can be combined with one of our Lancaster aesthetic treatments. By scheduling a consultation with us, we can help you determine the best complement to CelluliTx to create an even more successful way to reduce your cellulite and give you firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

More About Jan Marini

“Founded in 1994, the San Jose, CA-based Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR) is a recognized leader and innovator in skin care that is committed to continually expanding and improving the professional skincare market. JMSR’s two primary focuses are to provide innovative technologies that deliver proven measurable results and an unwavering commitment to the ongoing success of our customers.

Dramatic results should not require extreme sacrifice. All of our products are designed to provide not only superior results but also a user experience that is unmatched in the professional marketplace.”