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7 Foods That Are Bad for Your Skin

Healthy Foods Lead to Healthy Skin

They say you are what you eat, and if you’ve ever suffered from acne, oily skin, inflammation, or another skin condition, it may be because of your diet. Here, our Lancaster aesthetics company shares some of the top 10 foods that are known to cause skin problems:


There’s really no health benefit to sugar – especially when it comes to the health of your skin. Sugar weakens the immune system and when this happens, your body can’t fight off bacteria as well. With this excess bacteria in your system, you’re likely to see acne and inflammation. Sugar also degrades collagen and elastin, both of which keep your skin youthful and supple.


Dairy products (especially cow-based dairy products) are full of growth hormones and growth factors that can spike the insulin in your body. When this happens, your body increases its oil production and its inflammation, giving you clogged pores and oily skin. If you tend to get cystic blemishes in the lower area of your face, it may be a sign you’re getting too much dairy.


Though things like shrimp, lobster, and crab are delicious, they’re some of the most popular foods that bring a sensitivity. While you may not be allergic to shellfish, if you happen to experience irritation, inflammation, or a rash, you may want to cut back on your intake. In addition, shellfish contain a high amount of iodine, which is known to cause acne flare-ups. Instead, choose omega 3-rich fish like salmon and halibut that can actually have the opposite effect.

“Mystery Meat”

When we say “mystery meat,” we mean meat that’s not made from quality ingredients. Things like hot dogs, sausages, bologna, canned meats, scrapple, and more are often made from animals that have been fed steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics, and a generally poor diet to make them fatter. Eating these meats causes a hormone and toxicity spike and in return, inflammation, acne, and premature aging.


Though not technically a food, caffeine is notorious for not only dehydrating your body, but for stimulating the cortisol levels in it that accelerate the aging process and damage our skin. This includes the effect of thinning skin, which can lead to more wrinkles and fine lines. If you’re going to drink caffeine, make sure to drink it in lower doses.

Processed Foods

Processed foods such as junk food and fast food are filled with additives and preservatives (in other words, things that aren’t actually food). These make your blood sugar levels spike and in turn, your hormones ramp up their oil production. This can cause clogged pores and can also age your skin prematurely. They can also cause digestive issues and promote your body to hold in toxins.


Most juices and sodas are not only packed with sugar, but they also lack fiber, which is essential for preventing blood sugar swings. With little fiber and lots of sugar, these drinks are the perfect cocktail for inflammation, acne, and premature aging.