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10 Reasons to Wax Instead of Shave

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If you’ve never had part of your body waxed, the thought of it can be intimidating. However, our Lancaster aestheticians are here to tell you that waxing can be faster and more convenient than the tedious act of shaving. Here are ten reasons to schedule a wax with us instead of turning to your razor:

  1. Waxing lasts longer. When you remove the hair from the roots, it takes longer for it to grow back, giving you smoother skin for 3-6 weeks instead of just a few days.
  2. Your hair will grow back thinner. When you wax a specific area regularly, you’ll cause damage to the hair bulb and in turn, the regrowth will be a finer texture.
  3. While shaving can lead to cuts or nicks, waxing doesn’t involve blades, so it won’t leave you with injuries that could result in scars.
  4. If you’re looking for the smoothest skin possible, skip the shave and wax instead. Removing the hair instead of cutting it down results in silky smoothness.
  5. Waxing can act almost like an exfoliant – the wax will remove the top layer of dead cells from your skin and improve its texture.
  6. While shaving needs to be done on a daily (or every other day) basis, waxing only needs to be done once every few weeks, making it much less time-consuming.
  7. Shaving can cause rashes, whether it’s razor burn or a sensitive skin itch. Waxing, however, may leave the area red for a moment, but you won’t have to worry about a rash.
  8. If you hate stubble, choose a wax instead of a shave. When the hair grows back, it will grow naturally instead of as bluntly-cut strands that can be rough and abrasive.
  9. Waxing can remove a large area of hair in just one motion, making it much faster than shaving and ideal for places like the arms or legs.
  10. When waxing is done by a professional, it doesn’t hurt as much as you think. At Medical Cosmetics, we use gentle wax and post-calming lotions to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

At Medical Cosmetics, our Lancaster aestheticians can use our waxing process to remove hair from your eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, chin, and more. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.