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Areola Tattoos

Certified Areola/Nipple Tattooing Technician

Michelle C Phillips is certified by the Sauler Institute of Tattooing and nationally recognized for training in areola and 3D nipple micropigmentation. View her breast cancer tattooing feature on Fox43 for “Tattoos Draw Hope for Cancer Survivors“.

How Areola Repigmentation Helps People After Breast Surgery

The areola is part of the human breast and plays a key role in the aesthetic look of a breast. Since a woman’s self-image can depend on the appearance of her breasts, a missing areola can be psychologically devastating. A woman can survive breast cancer after undergoing a mastectomy, and she can regain her figure with a breast reconstruction. However, she may not feel “complete” without an areola. A woman can become emotionally distressed from a scarred areola as well. Patients feel the breast cancer tattooing process helps them during the last part of their recovery to look complete and feel “whole” and “normal” again.
Areola Tattoo

Design, Color, and Spot Testing

Michelle has a complete assortment of hypo-allergenic areola tattoo pigment colors. She will work with you to select a color or colors that look the most natural for you. For mastectomy scar camouflage or unilateral areola recreation, she recommends a spot color test before the actual procedure is performed. A patient’s skin tone and body chemistry will affect the healed color of their tattooed areas. Therefore, the spot test is the safest way to determine the formula for the closest color match to an existing areola. The color spot test is scheduled as an individual appointment. It should be completed 4 to 6 weeks before the actual breast reconstruction tattooing procedure to allow for healing and color stabilization. Once the spot is healed and the color is evaluated, the areola tattooing sessions can begin. You should also keep in mind that a simulated or scarred areola will probably need more than one tattooing session to achieve the best-looking result.
Breast Cancer Tattoos
Once you have been cleared by your doctor for mastectomy tattooing, you can schedule your consultation with Michelle. During your consultation, she will discuss your concerns and answer your questions about having nipple/areola repigmentation. After Your Procedure Michelle will give you detailed instructions to follow specific steps for one week after each areola tattooing session. Although you will not need to take time off from work, you should keep your recovery period and after care in mind when scheduling your procedure appointments around work, social, or travel plans.