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Cellutone Treatment

A Body Sculpting Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite on the hips, thighs and abdomen is one of the most frustrating cosmetic issues to treat. Despite pushing yourself hard at the gym and eating right, smoothing the appearance of cellulite is unattainable for most people, until now. Thanks to recent advancements in dermatological treatments, Cellutone treatment (also known as EMTone) has become the most effective non-surgical method of treating this stubborn skin condition. Learn more about this skin smoothing treatment from our body sculpting experts at Medical Cosmetics.

Cellutone Body Sculpting Cellulite Treatment

What is a Cellutone Treatment?

This incredible non-surgical procedure is a painless treatment to smooth and tighten stubborn dimpled skin. It is completely safe and is a stand-alone procedure to improve skin texture. We perform it in conjunction with the non-invasive fat destruction treatment Vanquish ME to enhance skin smoothing and fat dissolving results.

How Does Our Cellutone Treatment Work?

Using a wand that sends powerful vibrations to interact with resistant fat cells, our BTL Cellutone treatment creates heat which damages them. Then your body naturally flushes them away using its own lymphatic system. The treatment also stimulates blood circulation and increases oxygen supply to the treated area. The procedure is very comfortable and pain free. We perform it while the patient is lying down, and it only takes 30-45 minutes. It’s perfect for a lunchtime appointment, since there is no downtime. Say goodbye to cottage cheese thighs without resorting to surgery or needles.

Cellulite Treatment

Visible & Lasting Results

Instead of throwing money away on ineffective creams and lotions, experience the body sculpting cellulite treatment that actually works. While many patients notice improvements immediately after the procedure is performed, most people need four to six treatments, spaced a week apart to attain optimal benefits. If you are scheduled for our non-invasive fat burning treatment Vanquish ME, you will also experience the benefits of Cellutone since it augments and amplifies the results. It is a safe and painless procedure with no downtime and is suitable for adult patients of any age.

Are you tired of cellulite on your thighs, hips or back? Contact Medical Cosmetics today and schedule an appointment with our body sculpting experts to discover if you are a candidate for this revolutionary BTL Cellutone treatment.