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An Effective Non-Invasive Liposuction Option

Eating right and hitting the gym is how most people maintain a healthy and toned physique. Unfortunately, many of us hit a plateau, and no matter how we tweak our diet and exercise regimen, we see diminishing returns. There is now a nonsurgical procedure available at Medical Cosmetics that will give you the results you’ve always wanted. It’s called an EMSculpt treatment, and not only does it blast away fat, it produces muscle gain too!

At Medical Cosmetics, we offer competitive pricing for Vanquish and EMSculpt when purchased together.

EMSculpt Treatment Results

What Is an EMSculpt treatment?

This FDA cleared and non-invasive procedure gives similar results to liposuction, but with additional benefits. It uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology to generate contractions within your muscles. The key to its success is that it creates contractions you could never duplicate on your own during a workout. After the treatment, your muscles go into repair mode and remodel themselves which sculpts your body. The result is a more visibly toned and sleek physique.

How Does EMSculpt Work?

Unlike liposuction, EMSculpt is a nonsurgical procedure which is quick and relatively painless. A pad made of rubber is placed on the muscle being treated. Then it produces electromagnetic waves that creates involuntary muscle contractions. This breaks down fat deposits and builds the muscle at the same time.

EMSculpt is a Nonsurgical Procedure

This treatment is perfect for many areas of the body and is suitable for both women and men. It increases muscle definition which is perfect for more defined abs, sculpted arms, and toned and lifted buttocks. This is all accomplished without surgical intervention and is suitable for most patients.

EMSculpt Product

EMSculpt feels similar to an intense workout at the gym, though the patient can lie down and relax during it. There is little to no downtime involved. You will feel the treatment working right away and see immediate results, with optimal results showing two to four weeks afterward. Contact Medical Cosmetics today and book an appointment for an EMSculpt consultation.