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Face & Body Waxing

Get a Fresh, Clean Look in Just Minutes

Whether it’s unshapely eyebrows or unwanted facial hair, our professional eyebrow waxing services can give you a fresh, clean look in just a few minutes. At Medical Cosmetics, we use a gentle wax and after-wax calming lotions to make the experience as easy and as painless as possible. We’ll remove your hair at the root to control growth and leave your skin soft and smooth for 2-4 weeks. Schedule an appointment today for a professional eyebrow or facial waxing.

Eyebrow & Facial Waxing

What to Know About Eyebrow and Facial Waxing

  • Don’t get a wax the same day as a big event.
  • The more you wax, the thinner your hair grows back and the easier it gets.
  • If you really can’t stand the pain, invest in a numbing cream.
  • Your hair needs to be long enough (at least 3/4 of a centimeter) for the wax to grip.
  • If you’re embarrassed, don’t be!
  • Do some research on your ideal eyebrow shape.
  • Don’t wear makeup the day of your wax.
  • Relax! Our waxing process it fast and easy!

Recovery for Waxing Services

Waxing tends to leave your skin a little red and sensitive, but that should fade in a few hours to a day. To ease the pain and redness, we use an eyebrow waxing product called calming lotion, but you can re-apply with your own afterward if you’re especially sensitive. Once you’ve gotten your first wax, each wax after that will be easier – we promise!

If you’re interested in our expert eyebrow and facial waxing services, give us a call today or contact us. We will schedule a consultation so you can talk to our experts about things that can affect your waxing appointment, such as your skin type, medications you may be taking, and more.