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Facial Extractions

Get clear pores and great-looking skin

If you suffer from clogged pores or blackheads on your face or your back, let our extraction professionals help. Not only will we clear up your pores, we’ll leave you with skin that feels great and looks great. Schedule an appointment for back or facial extractions today.

How It Works: Facial Extractions

We’ll start your facial extraction by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser, then we’ll massage it to improve circulation and release tension. After that, you’ll receive a facial steam to open up your pores and withdraw any oil you may have. During the extraction, we’ll focus on problem areas such as your T-zone, chin, nose, and any other areas that may be affected. We’ll gently and safely clear up your clogged pores and once we’re finished, we’ll apply a gentle toner and moisturizer to minimize irritation. The perfect solution for blackhead removal and acne extraction.

Facial Extractions

How It Works: Back Extractions

Our back extractions are very similar to our facial extractions, however, since the back is less sensitive than the face, you likely won’t experience as much redness or irritation. We’ll also begin your back extraction by cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser and a massage to improve circulation and release tension. After that, we’ll apply a moisturizer and a hot towel rub. As with our facial extractions, we’ll focus on your problem areas and gently clear up your clogged pores and remove any blackheads. After that, we’ll apply a toner and a moisturizer as a finishing touch.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Unless you have a high sensitivity or an allergy to skincare products, extractions come with minimal side effects. After the process, your skin may be a little red or irritated, but that should fade in a few hours. Other than that, the only other side effect is clear, beautiful skin for several weeks!

Other Applications

  • Acne Extractions
  • Blackhead Removal / Extractions
  • Pore Extractions