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Laser Tattoo Removal

People opt to get tattoos for a variety of reasons, many of them personal and sentimental. Unfortunately, overtime sentiments can change, and tattoo regret is possible. If you live near Lancaster, Lebanon, or Reading PA, contact Medical Cosmetics today to schedule your laser tattoo removal service. You don’t have to live with tattoo regret any longer.

Trust the Experts at Medical Cosmetics

Dr. Carter and the professional aestheticians at Medical Cosmetics have the ability to remove tattoos with our new Alma Harmony XL Pro laser platform. This state of the art unit allows us to offer many new treatment options that we could not previously perform with our many other devices. One of the new procedures that we now enjoy doing is laser tattoo removal. This is carried out by utilizing Q-switched 532 and 1064 laser wavelengths.

Laser Tattoo Removal Services

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal requires multiple sessions over several months. Ideally these treatments will be spaced 2-4 months apart. Some tattoo colors can be treated more successfully than others. However, with the ability to utilize two different laser wavelengths, we have the capability to eliminate most colors of tattoo ink. In the majority of cases a given tattoo can be removed after 4-10 treatments.

Lasers work to get rid of tattoos by breaking apart the ink particles into small enough components so that circulating blood cells can carry these bits of ink to local lymphatic channels. From the lymph system the broken up ink fragments get into the circulating blood. The blood goes to the kidneys and from there the tiny particles of ink are eliminated in the urine.

Does Removing Tattoos Hurt?

Something that many patients are concerned about is the discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal sessions. No question this is a legitimate concern. Breaking up (in this case, ink) is hard to do! And it is also uncomfortable.

At Medical Cosmetics we have the ability to offer many possible pain ameliorating options. Among these are Zimmer cooling, topical ice, topical analgesic creams, subcutaneous lidocaine injections, nitrous oxide, and foam squeeze balls.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before / After
If the tattoo is smaller in size, the patient can take comfort in the fact that laser used for tattoo removal is extremely quick and therefore most patients can tolerate these brief treatment sessions without any pain reducing technique whatsoever. In fact, most offices do not offer any pain lessening options for this purpose. Vicki Briner, our talented licensed aesthetician, performs most of our laser tattoo removals. A quick consultation with Vicki will enable the development of a treatment plan that will give a good idea of probable number of sessions needed, how to lessen treatment discomfort, and pricing.

Schedule Your Tattoo Removal Treatment Today

If you have questions about your specific tattoo or if you’d like to schedule your tattoo removal treatment, contact the friendly staff at Medical Cosmetics today. Every tattoo is different, and every removal service is personalized specifically for you.