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Makeup Artist

Transform Yourself with a Professional Look

The beauty of makeup is that it can not only improve the way you look, it can improve the way you feel. Many of our clients experience a boost in confidence and spirit after scheduling an appointment with our professional makeup artist, and you can too. Here’s what to expect:

Professional Makeup Artist

Regular Makeup

At Medical Cosmetics, we use The Skincare Makeup by Jane Iredale. This renowned face makeup is made from natural, high quality ingredients that are designed to enhance and nurture your skin.

When you make an appointment with us, our in-house makeup artist will evaluate your skin and discuss some of the things you may want to cover up, complement, or enhance. After that, you’ll be matched to foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, and other makeup essentials based on your skin tone and the look that you want. Once we’ve finished the makeup application, you’ll feel like you’re not even wearing it!

7 Things Our Makeup Artist Wants You to Remember

  • Come in with a clean face so we have a fresh canvas.
  • Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Have an idea of what kind of style you’re looking for.
  • Moisturize regularly – especially if your application is for an important event (such as a wedding or evening event).
  • Be open to suggestions.
  • If you’ll be wearing your makeup for hours, expect to touch it up a little.
  • Permanent makeup doesn’t last forever – usually around a couple of years.