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miraDry Hyperhidrosis Treatments

miraDry Hyperhidrosis Treatments

A unique way to stop underarm sweat

miraDry Hyperhidrosis Treatments are an incredible procedure that is the first and only FDA cleared non-invasive technique to permanently stop under arm sweating. Generally only one hyperhidrosis treatment is needed. The energy source for this treatment is microwaves. It will take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours for the treatment.

Painless and no downtime

The procedure itself is completely painless. There is no downtime associated with miraDry other than the suggestion of not performing intensive upper body exercise for 2-3 days after each treatment session. Want to hear a real Medical Cosmetics patient’s review of their miraDry treatment? Click here!

miraDry targets the eccrine glands, which are the sweat producing glands. Other collaterally damaged structures during the treatment process are the axillary apocrine glands and the underarm hair. The apocrine glands make oil that creates body odor when it comes in contact with bacteria that live on the skin surface. Therefore, patients who have had miraDry treatments not only sweat 90% less than they did prior to treatment, but they also have much less odor and less hair growth than pre-treatment.

Are miraDry Hyperhidrosis Treatments Safe?

miraDry Sweat Less Live MoreThe question that most often comes up is: “Don’t I need my underarm sweat to either cool my body or rid my body of toxins?” No, actually, you don’t! Sweat glands are critical to the body’s homeostatic temperature regulatory system. However, only 2-4 % of an individual’s sweat glands are located in the region of the armpits (or, axillae). Our bodies are therefore quite capable of self-cooling with 97% of our sweat glands! Once a sweat gland is destroyed, it cannot regenerate. The other part of the original question deals with the elimination of “body toxins” via the process of sweating. In short, physiologically there is no such thing as toxin removal from the body through sweating! So fear not!

Who shouldn’t undertake miraDry Hyperhidrosis Treatments?

There are a few individuals who should not undertake miraDry. These include people who are allergic to lidocaine, are insensitive to it (not made numb by it), or have sensitive electronic devices implanted within their bodies. Examples of these would be insulin pumps, cardiac defibrillators, and pacemakers.

We ask that people scheduled for this treatment do shave their armpits 3 days before their appointment, and do not use deodorant or antiperspirant the day of their appointment.

The cost is $1,900 for a miraDry hyperhidrosis treatment. Results vary but our patients usually require only one treatment. If additional treatment is needed the cost for the second treatment is $1,100. This may sound expensive, but it routinely costs between $500 – $1,200 for a Botox treatment for underarm sweating and lasts an average of 6-10 months. By comparison, miraDry is a permanent procedure and therefore much less costly. Contact us today to get started.