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Ultherapy Treatments

The power of ultrasound

Ultherapy treatments are a relatively new and extremely exciting technique that utilizes the micro-focused energy from ultrasound to both lift and tighten skin. In fact, this is the only non-invasive FDA-cleared method to both lift and tighten.

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Ultherapy accomplishes this amazing feat by going through the skin in a diffusely spread-out pattern. The pattern is then focused by the hand piece transducer at different depths beneath the skin. We most often target three distinct depths: 4.5, 3.0, and 1.5 mm below the skin surface. It is possible to heat up the collagen and elastin at these levels to a temperature that denatures or changes these proteins. The proteins are heated to such an extent that the body’s own natural healing process gradually replaces the injured protein. This process requires a full 12 months to achieve the full benefit from the treatment. Once all of the injured supporting proteins have been replaced with brand new collagen and elastin, the benefit lasts for two to three years. At that point, people begin to “age beyond” the benefit of their Ultherapy. For most patients, only one treatment is needed to get the maximum benefit for this three-year period. For those of us over the age of 70 or so, two treatments spaced 3-9 months apart may be needed.

Ultherapy Treatments

Ultherapy Treatment Areas

The areas of the face and body that can successfully be treated with Ultherapy include the skin around the eyes to lift, strengthen, and smooth the eyebrows and lids. The majority of our Ultherapy treatments are to the lower face to help correct the lower face descent (which causes jowls and sagging of the skin beneath the chin and jawline). Progressing further downward, we perform a lot of neck treatments to tighten and smooth the anterior neck skin. Furthermore, Ultherapy was FDA cleared in 2014 to treat the skin of the upper chest or décolletage. This newer indication at long last gives women an effective tool to help to reverse the inevitable thin, weak skin that is seen once the age of 40 has come and gone. Ultherapy can also effectively target the loose and saggy skin above the knees and elbows.

Ultherapy Before & After

Pricing is dependent upon how much total skin area is treated.

There is absolutely no downtime with this technique. This means that a candidate can have their Ultherapy treatment and then go right back to their active life without needing to hide for hours or days!

Test Lines

Most people are surprised to learn that there is some discomfort involved with the performance of Ultherapy treatments. We have found it helpful to do a few “test lines” with the highest energy transducer under the chin at the time of the office consultation. This enables the interested person to better determine whether the standard 800 mg of ibuprofen one hour before the treatment will be adequate, or if something stronger needs to be prescribed by their primary care physician beforehand. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!