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Med Spa Body Sculpting Special

February Combination Special

For a limited time enjoy a Vanquish & EMSculpt combination special.

Used separately both Vanquish and EMSculpt can help you achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of. However, together they will provide a synergistic benefit to more structures in a shorter period of time. Vanquish is an FDA cleared procedure to lessen the amount of fat under the skin. After a series of sessions, there will typically be a fat loss of 25-30%. This is done via a no touch radio frequency panel which will initiate a premature death to many fat cells. EMSculpt will primarily strengthen and tone the muscles underlying the fatty layer by utilizing electromagnetic pulses. It will also increase the degree of fat loss caused by the Vanquish treatments. This magical combination of energy sources is a clear example of 1+1=3 in total benefit.

For a limited time only schedule a special combination appointment today for both treatments. This offer is only valid for appointments set during the month of February! Call us today at 1-717-735-3900 to schedule your appointment. Hurry, the spots are filling fast!

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Reward Programs

Save even more on future services

Medical Cosmetics wants to give you lots of ways to save. That’s why our medical spa provides as many reward program options as possible for our treatments and products. Redeem rewards for products and treatments such as Allergan, Galderma, Dysport and more.

Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program

Do you love Allergan products? Do you love to shop? Then you’ll love the Brilliant Distinctions program. At Medical Cosmetics, we’ve partnered with Brilliant Distinctions to bring you a rewards program that lets you earn points and savings toward Allergan treatments and products. All you have to do is sign up (for free!) and you can start earning.